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About Us

Our KCCA and CLAB courses are among the most comprehensive and popular Korean candle-making courses globally, producing the highest number of trained candle instructors. Gwong1 Candle Studio proudly stands as the first Korean handcrafted candle studio in Manchester, possibly in the UK!


We prioritize bringing products that are synonymous with "fun," "natural," and "handmade." Join us at our HQ in Manchester city center (just a 3-minute walk from Piccadilly Station) for a fabulous time!


Our Story

Gwong1 Candle Studio specializes in creating Korean handcrafted candles in the United Kingdom. We use various natural waxes such as Soy Wax, Beeswax, etc., to craft lifelike and exquisite handmade candles.


Andrew, the founder of Gwong1 Candle Studio, a former flight attendant and KOL in Hong Kong, is a certified instructor from prestigious candle associations in Korea, including:

- Korea Candle Craft Association (KCCA)

- Korea Craft & Design Laboratory (CLAB)

- Korea Plaster Craft Association (KPCA)

- JSIS Candle Design Academy (JSIS)

- Hastable Candle Design Academy (HAS)


Andrew received candle-making training at the headquarters in Korea and is fluent in three languages: English, Cantonese (廣東話), and Mandarin (國語), facilitating effective communication with students. Gwong1 Candle Studio uses high-quality materials, including wax, candle dyes, essential oils, and fragrance oils imported from Korea and Japan.


Andrew, Founder of Gwong1 Candle Studio

Our Clients

Valmont, client
Swire, client
KPMG, client
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